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While other agencies focus on the 'big picture,' we feel it's best to be really good at one thing. Putting all of our energy into one element of your business allows us to focus on your social media marketing as a whole and make it immaculate.

Get Talking

Social is not new, yet many companies have yet to tap into the value of social media. How many times have we heard ‘it’s really not right for my company’. Answer: many many times. Let us tell you why we might disagree.


Increasing content marketing output—fresh content—is some of the best ammunition we have to increase organic keyword rankings, web traffic and, most importantly, lead generation.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Posh Social Media knows all about Pay-Per-Click. We’ll work on your behalf creating and managing optimized PPC campaigns that reach who you want, when you want, where you want.


Sometimes referred to as ‘earned marketing’, Inbound Marketing uses social media, landing pages, infographics, blog posts, newsletters, videos, whitepapers, and content of almost ANY form to extend your thought leadership and pique the interest of potential customers.


We’ll dive-in to your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and craft something better. We’ll help you write the narrative, innovate, and make your industry sit up and take notice. Lead. Never follow.


We’ll identify goals, pick appropriate metrics, and track those metrics month-over-month to ensure your campaigns are tracking.


We create custom identity systems and the materials needed to take your business to the next level. From style-guides to trade-show displays, Posh Social Media provides professional, modern brand and collateral for fortune 500 companies to one-person start-ups.


Have a business concept or new-to-the-world idea that needs explaining? Posh Social Media designers and illustrators can create the visual assets you need — clearly and effectively.


Visual assets play a major role in setting the emotional stage, conveying authenticity and instilling confidence. Whether it’s studio-quality product photography or on-site photos of facilities and team members, we’ll help create the visuals that make all the difference.


Take your message to all corners of the web. From banner ads to rich media, Posh Social Media has been producing display advertising for B2B, industrial, retail, medical and technology partners for over 13 years.


What our happy customers say
"It's not easy to capture and engage an audience in today's fast paced social world. Posh Social Media not only creates focused content but they deliver it to an audience that is listening and willing to take action."

Dave S.

Vice President - MI Digital Solotion

"Posh Social Media takes the time to do what businesses often overlook: scheduled, targeted and creative social media posts. These posts drive action and results, thus growing your base and reaching more people."


President-Be Natural Organics

"Recently, I was informed by The Home Depot that our device, the Dustopper, was the top selling accessory product in "Department 25". That's where one goes at The Home Depot to purchase things like wet/dry vacs, welding and soldering tools, and the like. When we started working with Whitney Hakim at Posh SM, we were in just 600 Home Depot locations, and knew our future depended on a successful expansion into all of their North American stores. Knowing little about social media, we asked Whitney and her team to be our eyes, ears, and voice, so we could learn how customers felt about their Dustopper purchase. Whitney and her team have an uncanny ability to hear even the slightest whisper as it relates to our Dustopper product. Whether is something good, or perhaps a critical comment, Posh Social Media consistently responds in a way that has captured the hearts of our target audience. If you want to measure your business or product's performance at the grass-roots level, there's no better team to tell you how you're doing. When there's a burning fire, Whitney brings marshmallows and sticks, and by the end of the night, everyone is great friends. If our customers love us, it's because Whitney had something to do in building the relationship. She's like the neighbor you hope will never move away!"

Tom from Dustopper

Mr. Fix IT

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